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Torque tester to test Siemens products

Time:2019-02-26 Author: Yinuo Electronics

Taiwan Yinuo Electronics has developed the M2I-QLS0100 series of all-round instruments for testing automatic stop type electric, pneumatic tools, torque wrenches, torque screwdrivers and three-jaw clamps, testing the torque of various parts.

M2I-QLS0100 series torque tester's shell mold is die-casting, solid and reliable, stable measurement and durable. In order to maintain a stable test, the instrument uses an anti-interference design: interference to conventional communications and electromagnetic interference (motor, electric cremation).

The M2I-QLS0100 series torque tester features very significant features: sampling frequency up to 2KHZ, simultaneous measurement data can be RS232 and USB output, USB can output 1000 data / sec; measurement data with high precision, stable repeatability, and wide measurement range. In the range of 0.2%-100% of the range, the measurement accuracy of ±0.2% is guaranteed. Repeatability ± 0.2% F.S; RS232, USB data cable can be connected to the computer, control PLC, relay high and low output, analog voltage ± 2V output. The well-known brand Siemens stun gun is the M2I-QLS0100 series torque tester developed by Taiwan Yinuo Electronics.

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