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MSA-0.5K2-(500N) series force-displacement electri
  • Product name:

    MSA-0.5K2-(500N) series force-displacement electri

    Category: Load the machine
    Product model: MSA-0.5K2-(500N)系列
Product details

The machine achieves a high repeatability test of force-displacement at a constant test speed, digitally sets the test mode and test speed, and provides the functions of strength test and displacement test together.

◆Set the moving distance according to the sample height

◆Automatically change the driving speed and measuring speed with the set force value

◆Start the software together with the test bench movement

◆ Ergonomic tilt control panel

◆Digital setting dialing operation

◆Three test modes to meet test requirements

◆ Wide range of speeds from 10 to 300 mm / min

◆ Ideal for durability testing by setting the number of test cycles to be repeated

◆ Useful timer function for compression test allows pause at set force value

◆ Can install a variety of fixtures and fixtures

◆ equipped with external signal input

◆ Constant test speed and position where compression and tension are applied

◆Control the stop of the motor stage by setting the length or force value

Application examples and configurations

*The range of the dynamometer is optional, and the cable and test fixture are sold separately.





Force - displacement measurement

At the set force (or displacement) point

Use the optional software Force Recorder Professional on your PC.

Connect to the dynamometer via USB and draw a force-displacement map to view the FS curve.

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