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DFT Multiparameter Test Instrument
  • Product name:

    DFT Multiparameter Test Instrument

    Category: Mechanical sensors
    Product model: DFT
Product details

Product Overview:

The force-length or torsion value-angle value can be measured simultaneously in real time, and the corresponding relationship between them. And quickly send multiple parameters to the host computer in real time to do a graph of the force value-length or torque value-angle value.

Technical parameters:

Force measurement


resolution ratio:0.2gf.


Sampling frequency:2000HZ.---15KHZ

Encoder Interface: Differential Input


Ethernet ports support TCP transmission. The DFT instrument serves as a server. Transmission data format +0012.3 + 0.0345 \ R. +0012.3 for force measurement, +0.0345 Is the length value.

Power supply: DC24V. + / -10 %. Power 5W

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