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QZ-400 amplifier
  • Product name:

    QZ-400 amplifier

    Category: Mechanical sensors
    Product model: QZ-400
Product details

Features & Applications

For a variety of resistance strain sensor with high precision, stable small signal amplifier,Standard signal output. High precision, low temperature drift coefficient, strong anti-jamming capability.Very suitable for industrial control field.Can be mounted on the back of guide rail.

Technical Parameters

working voltage U:24V DC

Analog output:Voltage V:0---+/-10V  Load resistance: More than: 2KΩ

Current I:4-20 mA  Load resistance:Under 550Ω


Nonlinear: Less than 0.05% / FS
Zero drift: Less than 0.5µV/℃ RTI
 Span drift: Less than 50ppm/℃
 Interference: Less than 5.0µVp-p  RTI (0.1~1HZ)

Scale range:0.5 mv/V ~ 3.0 mv/V input can full range

Conditions of use

Temperature: temperature range - 10 ~ + 55 ℃

Under humidity: 80% RH (not coagulate frost)

Product appearance figure

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