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    Category: Mechanical sensors
    Product model: QLM-0101
Product details

Features & Applications

● Constituted by strain gauge sensitive components andintegrated circuits;

● High precision with stable and reliable performance;

● his sensor can be operated long-term in high-speed without wear ring and other wear parts,the output is OK for positive and negative torque signal;

● Both ends are keyed;

● Maximum speed of torque cannot over 4000r/min;

Size and Capacity

Wiring Code


Technical Parameters

● Low range range: 0.1、,0.2、0.3、1,2、5、10、50、100、200、500N.m
● Sensitivity: 1.0-1.5mV/V
● Zero balance: ±1%F.S.
● Creep(30min): 0.1%F.S.
● Operating temperature range: -20℃--60℃
● Safe load limit: 120%F.S.

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