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Taiwan Yinuo Electronics launched automatic locking screw machine

Time:2018-07-04 Author: Yinuo Electronics

The automatic locking screw machine is, in general, a device consisting of electric, pneumatic components and mechanical materials. Its main function is to screw the screw to the specified position and tighten it. The simple point is a series of steps such as automatic conveying, tightening and testing. The steps that were originally manual operations are realized by machine plus program control, and the purpose of reducing labor and improving production efficiency has been achieved.

Automatic locking screw machine

The automatic locking screw machine is further divided into: platform type automatic locking screw machine and floor type automatic locking screw machine, which is convenient for pipeline operation. The device adopts man-machine interface programmable controller control, and can store data storage at the same time (20 groups of 50 points per group) ), in operation, the coordinate position can be programmed in advance according to different products, and only need to import the corresponding program number into the call.


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