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MX-500N electric vertical force measuring machine
  • Product name:

    MX-500N electric vertical force measuring machine

    Category: Load the machine
    Product model: MX-500N
Product details


1, a machine can be used for both compression (push) and tension (pull) test

2. The combination of a screw drive system and a high performance brushless motor provides extremely smooth and powerful operation over its speed range.

3, jogging, single loop, continuous loop for up to 72 hours, power control operation and MOTIVE Z series push-pull force meter?

4, wide speed range: 0.4-94 inches / min (optional speed range)

5, can be drawn length 16"

6, optional timer and digital range finder

7, conditional overload prevention


1. Read the instructions carefully before using this product.

2. This product is only used for measurement.

3. Avoid misuse or rude treatment.

4. Do not disassemble or damage this product.

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